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Lejan's client base includes many prestigious companies. Lejan offers an unrivalled choice of products, custom packaging solutions and solutions tailored to user specifications. Our orders range from custom-built solutions to mass-produced cases. Lejan pays close attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process. All our cases are subjected to stringent quality controls. Irrespective of order size, Lejan delivers high-quality products with a human touch!


Lejan supplies this renowned firm of accountants its file boxes for the security transport of dossiers to and from their clients. The boxes are manufactured from a lightweight sheet material and fitted with a set of castor wheels to make their transport more convenient. The boxes are fitted with various locks, including a barrel lock with a unique set of keys. Lejan also arranges the logistic and administrative processing directly with the establishments that request a call.


Special Cosmetics

Lejan produce a POS displays for the points of sales of this fast growing cosmetics business. The display consists of drawers with divisions, illumination connections, wheels and printed cards. It comes in various sizes which enables tailor-made displays for every sales outlet. Lejan also looks after the packaging for export abroad both in and outside Europe.


Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond (K.N.V.B.)

A good example for a custommade product in a small production is the case for the championshipstrophies of the Dutch Football Association. There is a big trophy for the major league and a small trophy for the minor league, both are fitting well in the same case and are well protected during transport. Each year around the same time the case pops up in the news...



Snap-On is a leading developer and manufacturer of tools and equipment for professional tool users. A significant number of customers were losing valuable time and productivity due to looking for lost tools. Together with Lejan, Snap-On devised a solution to eradicate these time-consuming diversions.

The tools are now arranged in a clear sequence in bags, cases and carts. Each tool has its own compartment, and can be easily accessed and returned.
An added benefit is that the products are protected during transport, thus retaining their quality longer.
The interiors of the bags, cases and carts are furnished with a pocketID. This system creates greater transparency during packaging, revealing immediately which tool is missing and enabling a swift search of the workplace.

As well as providing a vital "signaling" function, this laser engraving system enables swift product identification.



Livingston commissioned Lejan to design a special flightcase: a packaging crate with a collapsible door/ramp. Extra welding steps were added to reinforce the overall construction. The packaging crate is placed on lowered, suspended wheels. This enables lowered equipment to be driven easily into the flighcase for fast and effortless transportation.


Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems uses Case6, Case10 and Explorer Cases to transport its demonstration equipment. The equipment is carried by road, sea and air to destinations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Cisco Systems outsources its transportation requirements, and is therefore completely dependent on the quality provided by third parties. In consultation with the client, Lejan designed a shock-absorbing and impact-resistant 19'-rack case to protect the equipment during transportation.



KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) was looking for a light-weight yet sturdy and liquid-resistant container, suitable for safely transporting different-sized fragile aircraft components. Lejan has been manufacturing a range of containers on behalf of KLM for several years. The special standard interior accommodates various components of different shapes and sizes. A great cost-saving invention!



In partnership with a number of advertising agencies and designers, Lejan created various presentation cases for Sony. Notable examples include a presentation case for Sony's CD player mechanism and promotional LCD projector cases. This unique case, of which only a limited number were made, resembled the look and appearance of the LCD projector. The case has become a sought-after collector's item!


Airport Medical Service

Lejan has been commissioned to create custom-made cases for various medical companies, suitable for storing medical preparations and equipment. The custom-made interior ensures that all medical supplies have a place in clearly allocated compartments, and can be accessed immediately during emergencies. Examples include the First Aid Kit and Medical Kit, certified for use on-board aircraft.

These special cases are used by various domestic and international airline companies.



Gatsometer uses Case 6 to store and transport a wide range of technologies to promote and enhance road safety. Gatsometer is a global provider of speed enforcement solutions, including speed measuring devices. Especially for this client, Lejan devised complete sets of cases, enabling users to select their desired equipment at a single glance and operate these devices on-site. Like so many other clients, Gatsometer demanded cases with a clear layout and design, enabling the set to be checked for completeness after job completion. In addition, the custom-made interior protects the equipment during transportation.


Sanquin Bloedvoorziening / Centric IT-solutions

Centric provides hardware and software solutions on behalf of Sanquin Bloedvoorziening. Sanquin collects blood samples (donations) at permanent, semi-permanent and mobile locations. Medical and ICT equipment must be safely stored and transported. ICT equipment is securely attached to the case. Opening and closing the case is all that is required. This method ensures maximum safety and protection during transport and use. After all, Sanquin relies on its sensitive data!



Milin is a supplier of alumnium frames and profiles for finishing windows in buildings. He delivers the market by a dealernetwork which he gave a presentationcase where all profiles embedded in foam are vsible at once. In the lid there is even an instruction leaflet. This is a toppresentation-tool to raise the turnover for all companies involved.



Getronics specializes in the storage and transport of sensitive data. Lejan has created a range of solutions (Case6) to store, protect and transport important media on behalf of Getronics. Some of the protective cases are also used for long-term storage and archiving.








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